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Join Us at the OSS Security Meetup in Tokyo, Japan

By April 26, 2023Blog
OSS Meetup Tokyo Japan

By Yusuke Furukawa (Hitachi), Munehiro Ikeda (Cybertrust), Harunobu Kurokawa (Renesas)
Hisao Munakata (Renesas), Yuuichi Nakamura (Hitachi), and Takuya Yoshikawa (Cybozu)

We are very excited to announce that our second OSS Security Meetup in Japan will be held at Cybozu Tokyo Office on June 2nd in Tokyo, hosted by Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Members. This time, the group will present a report on “OpenSSF Day North America,” 1-Day event to be held on the first day of the world’s largest OSS conference, Open Source Summit North America (May 10-12, Vancouver). Members from Japan will bring back event highlights and share information promptly.

Event Details

Date: Friday, June 2nd.
Time: 17:30 PM to 19:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST)
Venue: Cybozu, Inc. Tokyo Office (Nihonbashi) 30 Seats + Online
Registration: Register here (Google Forms)

About OSS Security Meetup – Importance of OSS Security

The IT systems that support modern society are widely dependent on OSS. It is estimated that 70% to 90% of the software included in a company’s products and services is OSS.Organizations often use OSS to improve development speed and quality and aim for technological innovation. By adopting OSS, the benefits of OSS can be shared across industries, but if vulnerabilities are found, the impact will be widespread. Ensuring OSS security is of the utmost importance, and for that purpose, cooperative efforts across countries and organizations are required.

The First Meetup Takeaway

The first ever OSS Security Meetup in Japan was held on February 28th in Tokyo Cybozu’s conference room and virtual. With over 120 registrations, all tickets were sold out. Many tech people from around the industry gathered together to learn about OSS Security and key initiatives, and network with the community with the same purpose. It was a precious opportunity to learn about the global trends in Japanese language. All presentation slides and recordings are available and anyone can access.

The Second Meetup

OpenSSF Day North America Event Report and Networking Session


  • Introduction to Meetup
  • OpenSSF Day North America Event Report
  • Discussion & Getting to Know the Community

Anyone interested in OSS security, not just OpenSSF members, is welcome to attend. This Meetup aims to provide a platform for fellow OSS security enthusiasts who share the same awareness and challenges to come together, share information mainly in Japanese, and move forward together.

This post represents the views of the authors & does not necessarily reflect those of all OpenSSF members.