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Congratulations to Newly Elected OpenSSF Governing Board Members

By February 17, 2023Blog
OpenSSF Board Welcome 2023

We are excited to welcome newly elected Governing Board members of the OpenSSF: Tracy Miranda from Chainguard, Duane O’Brien from Indeed, and Stephen Chin from JFrog. This February, the OpenSSF held an election among our membership for three General Members Representatives, per the terms of the OpenSSF Charter in which each general member has one vote to elect a GB representative. The OpenSSF Governing Board is responsible for overall management of the OpenSSF, including approving major decisions, managing the budget, and establishing advisory bodies or committees to support the OpenSSF’s mission.

Meet our new members whose term will begin on March 1st.

Tracy Miranda, Head of Open Source at Chainguard

Tracy Miranda

Tracy Miranda is making open source secure by default at Chainguard. Previously Tracy helped launch and was executive director of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) home of Jenkins, Spinnaker and Tekton. Prior to CDF, Tracy was the Director of Open Source at CloudBees. Tracy is a veteran of the open source technology industry with nearly twenty years of experience scaling large projects such as Jenkins and Eclipse. Tracy’s background also includes developer tools, embedded software and electronics system design. Tracy has two patents for her work on processor architectures.

Duane O’Brien, Director of Open Source at Indeed

Duane O'BrienDuane O’Brien is the Director of Open Source at Indeed and a Visiting Technologist Fellow at the National Security Institute. As the Director of Open Source at Indeed, he has led their efforts to inventory, analyze, and understand their open source dependencies and defined their strategic approach to direct investment in the people, projects, and foundations at the heart of open source, including the Indeed FOSS Contributor Fund. Prior to his time at Indeed, Duane led operations for the Open Source Program Office at PayPal, and has worked as a developer at Adobe, Autodesk, and others.

Stephen Chin, VP of Developer Relations at JFrog

Stephen ChinStephen Chin is VP of Developer Relations at JFrog and is an avid, participating member of the developer community. He is founder of the Pyrsia open source project, which is a CDF incubating project, written in Rust, and designed to improve supply chain security leveraging next generation technologies. Chin supports and advocates on behalf of developers in his roles as chair of the CDF governing board, and as a board member of the CNCF and Rust Foundations. Combining Chin’s passion for tech and motorcycling has resulted in evangelism tours in Europe, Japan, and Brazil, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat. His love for coding and developers has been passed down to his daughters who teach kids to code at events like CNCF Kids Day, Devoxx4Kids, OSCON, and Black Girls Code.

Welcome to the OpenSSF Governing Board! Thank you to each of the candidates who ran in the election. We look forward to continuing to work together to secure our open source software ecosystem and support open source users and communities in service of this goal.


This post represents the views of the authors & does not necessarily reflect those of all OpenSSF members.