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We Want to Hear from You: Take the OpenSSF Software Security Awareness Survey

By May 17, 2023Blog
OpenSSF Software Security Awareness Survey

OpenSSF, in collaboration with Linux Foundation Research, recently launched a new survey to better understand OpenSSF Software Security Awareness. Please take the survey today to share your feedback about our initiatives and how we can improve. We want to hear from you!

The purpose of this survey: This survey is being conducted in order to better understand how the community perceives OpenSSF and its initiatives such as Sigstore, Alpha-Omega, Best Practices Badge, Scorecard, and SLSA. 

Who should take it: This survey is meant for anyone in the IT sector who is familiar with software security. We’d like to hear from you whether you are in a technical or a non-technical role, whether you work for a large organization or a small one, and whether or not you’re familiar with the OpenSSF and its initiatives.

What your responses are used for: Your responses are anonymous and will be used to compile a report to be released later this year, and they will be used to help evaluate awareness and perception of the OpenSSF, its projects, and identify areas for improvement. 

Privacy details: Your name and/or organization name will not be displayed. Reviews are attributed to your role, organization size, and industry. Responses will be subject to the Linux Foundation’s Privacy Policy. Please note that research partners who are not Linux Foundation employees will review the survey results, though survey partners are not permitted to use your data for other purposes.

Why take the survey?: Help us understand your views on the OpenSSF and a few key projects so we can keep serving your needs and improving the security of the open source ecosystem. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

In addition, as a thank you for participating in this research, once you have completed the survey, we will provide you with a code that gives a 25% discount on any Linux Foundation training course or certification exam listed in our catalog.

Please weigh in and take the OpenSSF Software Security Awareness Survey today!

This post represents the views of the authors & does not necessarily reflect those of all OpenSSF members.