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2023 OpenSSF Annual Report

OpenSSF Annual Report 2023

OpenSSF is a community of software developers and security engineers who are working together to secure open source software for the greater public good.


Collaborate on capabilities and best practices that secure open source software.

Participate in the latest community conversations and engage with experts.

Take free courses on secure coding practices as part of our certificate program.

Explore our helpful security guides to help secure your project from the start.

Recent Blogs

March 7, 2024

OpenSSF and CISA Join Forces to Secure Open Source Software

In today's dynamic technological landscape, open source software (OSS) holds a crucial position. An average of 77%-90% of any given piece of modern software is OSS. Recognizing its significance, the…
March 7, 2024

Graph for Understanding Artifact Composition (GUAC): Joins OpenSSF as Incubating Project

The Graph for Understanding Artifact Composition (GUAC) maintainers are pleased to announce the project has joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) as an Incubating Project. GUAC is an open…
March 5, 2024

OpenSSF Scorecard: Evaluating and Improving the Health of Critical OSS Projects

OpenSSF Scorecard is a way for maintainers and users of open source projects to better understand the security of a given project. Maintainers can get feedback on the security of…
OpenSSF Scorecard Tech TalkBlog
March 4, 2024

Come to First OpenSSF Tech Talk of the Year on Scorecard

Join our first Tech Talk of 2024, where organizations will discuss the importance of adopting OpenSSF Scorecard.Ā  OpenSSF Scorecard helps open source maintainers improve their security best practices and helps…

Open source software is pervasive in data centers, consumer devices, and applications. Securing open source software requires fostering collaboration, establishing best practices, and developing innovative solutions.

Join the growing list of organizations supporting the advancement of securing open source technology and funding the development and adoption of OpenSSF initiatives.

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